About Spire Innovations

Spire is an unique domain intelligence technology based AI platform that generates contextual meaning out of unstructured text. The platform, that has evolved over 12 years, has been deployed with game changing outcomes in the space of Talent and is now creating waves in other areas like underwriting, fraud prevention, legal, sentiment, etc.

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Spire AI – The Artificial Domain Intelligence Platform

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Realize Your Talent Re-Vision with Domain AI based Spire Platform

Business Context based Talent Fitment, Scaling & SCM

Talent scaling (up or down) needs of verticals within an organisation may differ – Spire.AI ensures simultaneous contextual fulfilment with cross-pollination of internal demand & supply across verticals

Best-fit Pyramid & Gig Mix for Higher Revenue per Employee

Continuous pyramid optimization in talent deployment is essential for margin management – Spire.AI enables selection of grade minus 1 internal employees without compromising on capability and quality or from the loosely coupled gig pool

Proactive Reskilling for Talent Capacity & Growth

Proactive reskilling has become a core mantra for sustenance & growth of an organisation – Spire.AI fulfils fundamental requirement of continuously identifying contextual skill gaps for quick business-oriented as well as personalised learning for employees

Impact of Domain AI based Spire Talent Re-Visioning Platform

At least 1% Impact on Revenue and 30% Impact on Operating Margin

At least 83% Fulfilment & Mobility for Re-scaling Talent Supply

At least 30% Talent Pyramid Optimization Realized per Annum

At least 25% Increase in Skill Capacity for Sustenance & Growth

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Limitation 1: High Quality Talent Lost In Oblivion

Talent organisations are stuck to straight line processing of limited supply pool due to archaic search & match technologies of existing systems, leading to high quality talent pool being lost in oblivion in their dead databases

Spire Solution: Cross-pollination with iSourcing™ & Mining

Spire iSourcing™ & Mining are unique search & match algorithmic approaches that categorises supply data into multiple active supply streams and cross-pollinates all live candidates, dormant candidates or existing employees with all demands using a rules based processing logic based on specific use case of talent operations. This ensures instant OFCCP, GDPR & EEOC compliant visibility of highly qualified profiles stuck in process-pipeline or dead databases.

Limitation 2: Unavailability of Reverse Map of All Demands Against Each Profile

All existing talent systems are demand/requisition centred and hence do not provide visibility of multiplicity of profile fitment leading to loss of high skill-worth flexible talent pool during talent identification exercises

Spire Solution: Bi-directional Demand-Supply Mapping

Spire match algorithms are designed to provide bi-directional mapping of demand and supply as a base outcome. This unique approach enables talent organisations to always be aware of the full job-match potential of each profile and provides them with an opportunity to discuss multiple demand-fitment options with each candidate / employee as well as with hiring managers thereby ensuring maximum effectiveness of Talent in their new roles.

Limitation 3: No Visibility for Skill Matrix, Capability, Capacity & Gaps Driven Planning

Due to the inability of skill fitment & gap driven processing of demands and supply in existing talent systems, talent organisations are limited in designing or experimenting with multiple talent management & deployment scenarios

Spire Solution: Skill Factorial™ & Gap Analysis

Skill Factorial™ is the Spire invention for enabling talent managers with unprecedented skill matrix based visibility of talent inventory, capability mix, capacity clusters and above all the skill gaps in an organisation. This model provides for analysis of talent clusters by geography, business units, experience level, employment type, etc. with individualised gap identification as well as open demand based or transformation strategy focused gap aggregation.

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