About Spire

Spire is an unique domain intelligence technology based AI platform that generates contextual meaning out of unstructured text. The platform, that has evolved over 12 years, has been deployed with game changing outcomes in the space of Talent and is now creating waves in other areas like underwriting, fraud prevention, legal, sentiment, etc.

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Spire AI – The Artificial Domain Intelligence Platform

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Lateral Approach for Exponential Impact

Built on the unique concept of Domain Intelligence that is antithetical to widely popular NLP & ML based approaches, Spire’s AI deep technology framework has evolved over 12 years of industry application
Spire products are envisioned and designed based on the belief that radical solutions are required to solve for unrecognised problems and achieve unprecedented transformation
Powered by technology-enabled unstructured data aggregation and domain-intelligent analysis, Spire Consulting derives strategic insights from universal data vs. sample based conventional approach

For enquiries related to Spire Artificial Domain Intelligence Platform and solutions other than Talent (underwriting, fraud prevention, legal, sentiment, etc.)

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Artificial Domain Intelligence Platform

Built over a decade with iterative research and a strong antithetical belief against mainstream semantic NLP and ML, Spire’s unique AI approach replicates contextual structure of information within a domain automatically into systems, like acquired contextual knowledge of a domain by humans, to generate meaning out of unstructured content

Spire AlgoRator™ is a unique matching and ranking engine that has demolished for ever the constraint of matching algorithms in dealing simultaneously with hard vs. soft match criteria at two ends of the spectrum

Spire’s unique domain intelligence based AI approach is language agnostic and supports cross-language contextual search and bi-directional demand-supply matching across 104 global languages (because of its non-dependence on semantic NLP or language constructs to process unstructured data)

Spire’s multi-system integration and multi-stream data unification capabilities are powered with strong enterprise service bus interface and data mediation layer that enables API or SFTP based integration models for quick and seamless integration with third party or proprietary systems

Spire solutions are deployed in a virtual private cloud based environment and are hosted on AWS or Google cloud infrastructure with ability to host and process data across 66 Availability Zones within 21 Geographic Regions around the world based on storage location requirements governed by GDPR or major country specific data regulations

Spire data management, processing and deployment systems are built with data privacy regulations & compliance (including bias prevention) at the core of its design principles with auditability built at various stages of data handling & processing

 Key Clients

Team Spire

Saurabh Jain
Founder & CEO

Saurabh is the Founder and CEO of Spire and is passionate about generating new market opportunities for businesses and driving large scale transformation for their functions by creating scalable technologies with lateral thinking. He believes in the virtues of patience and perseverance for building fundamental platforms that can last the test of constantly changing business dynamics.

Sandesh Pai
Vice President

Sandesh heads Technology & Engineering at Spire. He has been instrumental in building its core platform architecture, technology framework and product layers over past 10 years. Prior to Spire, Sandesh had experience in building large scale innovative technology solutions for retail and finance domain, including developing a web based investment decision support platform designed for institutional investors in the US market.

Balaprasad C
Vice President

Bala designs and markets digital solutions to support strategic talent initiatives of Spire customers globally. He creates operating models that require least change management while implementing transformational talent supply chain solutions. He brings in 18 years of deep domain expertise that reflects in user centricity in the design and interface of Spire products and solutions.

Davey Bakhshi
principal strategist

Davey supports global growth strategy for Spire. With his three decades of finance, investment and capital markets experience, he brings a lateral view towards exciting variety of application opportunities with the artificial domain intelligence platform of Spire.

Davey has been on the board of directors or advisor to public, private and non-profit organisations in Scandinavia, UK and the US.