About Spire.AI

Spire.AI is a unique talent re-visioning solution suite powered by our artificial domain intelligence technology super-platform. The platform, that has evolved over 14 years, has been deployed with game changing outcomes in the re-visioning of an organisation’s talent strategy. It supports organisations in the areas of predictive workforce planning intelligence, proactive capability management, integrated talent supply chain management and agile talent acquisition.

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Spire.AI – The Talent Re-visioning Platform Powered by Artificial Domain Intelligence

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Spire.AI TalentSHIP® 21 PotentioScape®

Skill Proficiency

Skill proficiency based
Fit-Gap-Potential® org maps

Domain Categorization

Domain categorization of
talent vs. projected capacity

Personalised Skill

Personalised skill gap discovery
for goal-oriented learning

Proactive Reskilling for Talent Capacity & Growth

Proactive reskilling has become a core mantra for sustenance & growth of an organisation

Spire.AI fulfils fundamental requirement of continuously identifying contextual skill gaps for quick business-oriented as well as personalised learning for employees

Capability Management Use Case 1

  • Categorise talent pools across capability levels based on current or future skill framework
  • Design reskilling plans by proactively aggregating skill gaps relevant to growth of business

Capability Management Use Case 2

  • Measure ROI of organisation learning programs vis-a-vis business growth objectives
  • Manoeuvre capability building in complex organisations with supply-demand ratio based learning recommendations

Capability Management Use Case 3

  • Automated employee profile generation and simple interface for management of historical, current and to-be-learnt skills
  • Personalised skill gap analysis and training need identification for each employee

Discover gaps

Discover personalised gaps by mapping
employee's skills from multiple
unstructured data systems

Training maps

Map trainable talent proactively
against business-disrupting growth
skills emerging in the marketplace

Automated recos

Automated learning recommendations
vis-a-vis current, aspired or
directional shift related roles

Curriculum design

Skill-gap aggregation and tracking
for effective future-oriented
curriculum design

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