About Spire Innovations

Spire is an unique domain intelligence technology based AI platform that generates contextual meaning out of unstructured text. The platform, that has evolved over 12 years, has been deployed with game changing outcomes in the space of Talent and is now creating waves in other areas like underwriting, fraud prevention, legal, sentiment, etc.

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Spire AI – The Artificial Domain Intelligence Platform

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Developed with our unflinching dedication over a decade, our generic
SpiroBot™ domain intelligence technology based AI platform adapts and solves
business problems dependent on deriving meaning out of unstructured enterprise data

AI Solutions for Digital Business Transformation

Domain-intelligent Enterprise Search & Data Traps

Enterprise data is highly contextual, fragmented, distributed and leveraged on need basis only by limited users. Due to this specific nature of usage pattern, especially of the new age unstructured enterprise data, the same old indexing, usage pattern of page ranking based Search technologies consistently fail to yield desired search outcomes. Spire’s unique domain intelligence approach to deriving insights from unstructured enterprise data is independent of such technology limitations. In addition to powerful Contextual & Factorial Search capabilities, SpiroBot™ can be leveraged for rules-based multi-stage matching for powerful use cases like Data Quarantine and Data Traps.

Content Interpretation, Labelling & Classification

Spire has solved for one of the toughest challenges of contextual interpretation of unstructured content wherein the context may be entirely custom or proprietary in nature and, in most cases, with no availability of historical training data. The fungibility of our powerful SpiroBot™ engine develops domain intelligence based on the specific demand context and data labelling requirements. The supply content maybe labelled and classified across multiple continuums or paradigms based on the demand context, including simultaneous multi-label classification for the same content when required. Clients may solve unprecedented business problems with this capability.

Recurring Non-Compliance & Vulnerability Identification

Monitoring compliance, or lack thereof, and identification of vulnerabilities, especially the ones that recur is one of the top requirements today in critical areas like cybersecurity, data privacy, regulatory requirements, fraud detection, anti-money laundering, insurance underwriting, etc. Now add to this increased complexity of identifying recurrence based on ‘similar’ quarantine parameter and in many cases even contextually related but ‘dissimilar representation of the same parameter’ – this is what Spire’s domain intelligence based AI approach solves for. The solutions provide for vulnerability clustering and rules-based triggers, including reporting and real-time dashboards.