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Spire is an unique domain intelligence technology based AI platform that generates contextual meaning out of unstructured text. The platform, that has evolved over 12 years, has been deployed with game changing outcomes in the space of Talent and is now creating waves in other areas like underwriting, fraud prevention, legal, sentiment, etc.

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Spire AI – The Artificial Domain Intelligence Platform

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Responsible AI or No AI

Lateral Technology Approach for Exponential Impact

Built on the unique concept of Domain Intelligence that is antithetical to widely popular NLP & ML based approaches, Spire’s deep technology AI Platform has evolved over 12 years of industry application

The SpiroBot™ Artificial Intelligence Platform Story

Platform Evolution: Over a decade, Spire Domain Intelligence Platform based AI algorithms have evolved and hardened with analysis on vast amount of Talent related ‘unstructured’ demand and supply data. Understanding such unstructured Talent data for each industry presented an interesting challenge of creating artificial domain intelligence that is unique for that industry yet operating on a common platform for the function of Talent across all industries.

Platform Adaptation: Our dedication to solve for this super interesting and fun challenge of designing a generic domain intelligence based AI platform, including powerful rules-based search and match multi-stage algorithms, led to an outcome of the SpiroBot™ technology platform that can now adapt and solve unprecedented business and research problems dependent on deriving meaning out of unstructured enterprise data.

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The SpiroBot™ Domain AI Engine

A powerful, ethical, unbiased & unconventional engine for Talent

Most AI focused talent systems use semantic NLP and Machine Learning technologies that learn from bias-prone data generated from historical talent operations & decisions and are therefore ethically irresponsible

Spire’s unique Domain Intelligence based AI approach is built over a decade with iterative research and strong Responsible AI principles that are ethics focused and use unbiased technology application frameworks that are particularly important to process unstructured data related to Talent

Spire AlgoRator™ is a unique ‘multi-stage fishing net’ concept based matching and ranking engine that has demolished for ever the constraint of dealing simultaneously with niche vs. generic demands and high vs. low quantity or quality of supply to adapt at run-time to needs of dynamic business context

SpiroBot™ Domain AI is language agnostic and supports cross-language contextual search and match across 104 global languages (because of non-dependence on semantic NLP)

Spire’s multi-system integration and multi-stream data unification capabilities are powered with strong enterprise service bus interface & data mediation layer that enables API or SFTP based integration models

Spire solutions are deployed in a virtual private cloud based environment and are hosted on AWS or Google cloud infrastructure with ability to host and process data based on location requirements governed by GDPR or major country specific data regulations

Spire data management, processing and deployment systems are built with privacy regulations & EEOC compliance at the core of its design with auditability built at various stages of data handling & processing


104 Global Languages
600 Billion Domain Associations
5 Billion Matches Per Day

The SpiroBot engine provides unparalleled capability, highly sought after by large organization with complex global business structures, to configure multiple specific business rules & operate them for different geographical units, business units or strategic programs simultaneously.



Limitation 1: Identifying Richness & Relevance of a Profile vis-à-vis Demand Ethically

Talent demand (jobs, roles) and supply profiles are largely unstructured by design and hence cannot be interpreted by traditional talent solutions as well as semantic NLP and machine learning based AI

Spire Solution: Spire Richness Index™

Spire Richness Index™ is a bi-directional measure of relevance between demand & supply. This score represents the depth and richness of the ‘domain content’ in a profile vis-à-vis the ‘context of domain requirement’ in the job or role descriptions. Instead of using historical data-driven semantic NLP & ML based calculation approaches, Spire uses domain graph based calculations for breadth of domain coverage, presence, frequency & recency of skill experience and skill relationship index to derive Richness Index.

Limitation 2: Quality of Job Descriptions & Employee/Candidate Supply Data

A typical core concern of talent organisations is the availability of good quality job or role descriptions as well as sufficient and/or recent data in employee & candidate profiles

Spire Solution: Data Quality based Configuration of Search & Match Algorithms

The one-of-its-kind search & match algorithm configuration capability of Spire solves for disparity in the quality of demand & supply data across business functions and multiple talent systems in an organisation. Spire appreciates clients’ global data quality landscape contextually tied to their business processes and provides for tuning of multiple config parameters ensuring best outcome for each process of the client.

Limitation 3: A Constant Dichotomy for Selection based on Quality vs. Quantity

Whether selecting talent for niche roles or high volume generic roles, quality of talent selection is the paramount focus of any talent organisation – existing talent systems are limited in handling this dichotomy

Spire Solution: Spire AlgoRator™

Spire AlgoRator™ is a unique ‘multi-stage fishing net’ concept based matching and ranking engine that ensures high quality talent selection for niche roles as well as helps talent organisations achieve desired balance between quality & quantity for high volume generic roles. It allows talent organisations to adapt at run-time to the dynamic needs of various business functions based on their growth, stabilization or optimization focused strategies.

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