About Spire Innovations

Spire is an unique domain intelligence technology based AI platform that generates contextual meaning out of unstructured text. The platform, that has evolved over 12 years, has been deployed with game changing outcomes in the space of Talent and is now creating waves in other areas like underwriting, fraud prevention, legal, sentiment, etc.

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Spire AI – The Artificial Domain Intelligence Platform

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Generate contextual meaning
out of unstructured text

Digital enterprise transformation solutions
powered by unconventional Spire domain intelligence AI technology platform

Lateral Approach for Exponential Impact

Built on the unique concept of Domain Intelligence that is antithetical to widely popular NLP & ML based approaches, Spire’s deep technology AI Platform has evolved over 12 years of industry application
Spire products are envisioned and designed based on the belief that radical solutions are required to solve for unrecognised problems and achieve unprecedented transformation
Powered by technology-enabled unstructured data aggregation and domain-intelligent analysis, Spire Consulting derives strategic insights from universal data vs. sample based conventional approach

The SpiroBot™ Artificial Intelligence Platform Story

Platform Evolution: Over a decade, Spire Domain Intelligence Platform based AI algorithms have evolved and hardened with analysis on vast amount of Talent related ‘unstructured’ demand and supply data. Understanding such unstructured Talent data for each industry presented an interesting challenge of creating artificial domain intelligence that is unique for that industry yet operating on a common platform for the function of Talent across all industries.

Platform Adaptation: Our dedication to solve for this super interesting and fun challenge of designing a generic domain intelligence based AI platform, including powerful rules-based search and match multi-stage algorithms, led to an outcome of the SpiroBot™ technology platform that can now adapt and solve unprecedented business and research problems dependent on deriving meaning out of unstructured enterprise data.

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The Artificial Domain Intelligence Platform

Built over a decade with iterative research and a strong antithetical belief against mainstream semantic NLP and ML, Spire’s unique AI approach replicates contextual structure of information within a domain automatically into systems, like acquired contextual knowledge of a domain by humans, to generate meaning out of unstructured content

Spire AlgoRator™ is a unique matching and ranking engine that has demolished for ever the constraint of matching algorithms in dealing simultaneously with hard vs. soft match criteria at two ends of the spectrum

Spire’s unique domain intelligence based AI approach is language agnostic and supports cross-language contextual search and bi-directional demand-supply matching across 104 global languages (because of its non-dependence on semantic NLP or language constructs to process unstructured data)

Spire’s multi-system integration and multi-stream data unification capabilities are powered with strong enterprise service bus interface and data mediation layer that enables API or SFTP based integration models for quick and seamless integration with third party or proprietary systems

Spire solutions are deployed in a virtual private cloud based environment and are hosted on AWS or Google cloud infrastructure with ability to host and process data across 66 Availability Zones within 21 Geographic Regions around the world based on storage location requirements governed by GDPR or major country specific data regulations

Spire data management, processing and deployment systems are built with data privacy regulations & compliance (including bias prevention) at the core of its design principles with auditability built at various stages of data handling & processing

AI Solutions for Digital Enterprise Transformation

Domain-intelligent Enterprise Search & Data Traps
Enterprise data is highly contextual, fragmented, distributed and leveraged on need basis only by limited users. Due to this specific nature of usage pattern, especially of the new age unstructured enterprise data, the same old indexing, usage pattern of page ranking based Search technologies consistently fail to yield desired search outcomes. Spire’s unique domain intelligence approach to deriving insights from unstructured enterprise data is independent of such technology limitations. In addition to powerful Contextual & Factorial Search capabilities, SpiroBot™ can be leveraged for rules-based multi-stage matching for powerful use cases like Data Quarantine and Data Traps.
Content Interpretation, Labelling & Classification
Spire has solved for one of the toughest challenges of contextual interpretation of unstructured content wherein the context may be entirely custom or proprietary in nature and, in most cases, with no availability of historical training data. The fungibility of our powerful SpiroBot™ engine develops domain intelligence based on the specific demand context and data labelling requirements. The supply content maybe labelled and classified across multiple continuums or paradigms based on the demand context, including simultaneous multi-label classification for the same content when required. Clients may solve unprecedented business problems with this capability.
Recurring Non-Compliance & Vulnerability Identification
Monitoring compliance, or lack thereof, and identification of vulnerabilities, especially the ones that recur is one of the top requirements today in critical areas like cybersecurity, data privacy, regulatory requirements, fraud detection, anti-money laundering, insurance underwriting, etc. Now add to this increased complexity of identifying recurrence based on ‘similar’ quarantine parameter and in many cases even contextually related but ‘dissimilar representation of the same parameter’ – this is what Spire’s domain intelligence based AI approach solves for. The solutions provide for vulnerability clustering and rules-based triggers, including reporting and real-time dashboards.
Total Talent Supply Chain Analytics Solutions
For over a decade, Spire has perfected the art of generating high impact transformational insights related to the function of Talent. Spire’s unique and integrated ‘Total Talent’ approach – from talent acquisition to talent deployment to talent mobility to GigForce™ talent pools to talent reskilling for growth to adaptive skill frameworks to strategic talent insights – provide unprecedented talent operations management and talent operations analytics capabilities to our clients. Our talent solutions are industry agnostic and are designed to be leveraged by entire talent supply chain ecosystem – corporates, talent service providers and talent strategy & consulting firms alike.

For our exciting domain intelligence based AI research, use case implementations and joint GTM partnerships, write to us at engage@spire.ai