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Spire.AI is a unique talent re-visioning solution suite powered by our artificial domain intelligence technology super-platform. The platform, that has evolved over 14 years, has been deployed with game changing outcomes in the re-visioning of an organisation’s talent strategy. It supports organisations in the areas of predictive workforce planning intelligence, proactive capability management, integrated talent supply chain management and agile talent acquisition.

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Spire.AI – The Talent Re-visioning Platform Powered by Artificial Domain Intelligence

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Spire.AI TalentSHIP® 21 Acqura®

Context Adaptive
TA Operating Models

Context Adaptive TA Operating Models

Ease & Speed for
Complex Sourcing Operations

Ease Speed
Real Time Inventorisation

Real-time Inventorisation
of Talent Database

Candidate Opportunity Multiplier with Cross Pollination

Candidate Opportunity Multiplier
with Cross-pollination

Are your recruiting tools helping you keep up with frequently changing business context? icon

Today's organisations need to contextually adapt to scale up or scale down their talent acquisition operating models frequently and in real-time. Imagine an even more complex scenario that requires significant scaling up in one vertical or geography while significantly scaling down in another simultaneously. A distributed fixed capacity TA organisation is unable to respond to such new business realities in a complex global operating scenario.

With Spire's Domain AI based Acqura 21, TA organisations can now adapt their global operating models, in real-time, to frequently changing business context
  • Simultaneous execution of multiple heterogeneous vertical or geo-specific operating models
  • Centralised visibility and rule-compliant control for distributed demand-supply operations
  • Flexible operating capacity augmented by AI technology to scale up or scale down recruiting operations on demand and free of chaos

In addition to embracing a context adaptive operating model,

there is an innate need to move away from the use of traditional software solutions that are reactive and induce significant sourcing paranoia

and to adopt a refreshingly new technology solution that, instead of following requisition processing based approach, supports the much needed and anticipated

real-time skill inventorisation based proactive approach to talent acquisition

Automated skill cataloging and inventorization of demand & supply

Spire's Domain Artificial Intelligence and multidimensional analytics engine helps recruiters & sourcers to generate automated single skill or multi skill catalogue of their aggregated demands as well as live applicants or candidate DBs

Such real-time updated skill cataloguesskill catalogues are built based on availability, proficiency and richness of skills across requisition demands, candidate supply, various sourcing channels and internal interview panels become the driver of a revolutionary new agile talent acquisition approach suited for fast changing business context scenarios vs traditional requisition processing based approach

Agile, Fast & Easy Recruitment with Inventory Alerts & Notifications

Businesses are able to configure real-time alerts & notifications for a trigger-based and need-based call for on-the-go quick action by recruiters ensuring better use of their limited time & capacity

The alerts highlight significant gaps between skills demanded in requisitions versus


skill availability, proficiency and richness based supply catalogue

  • generated from applicant streams & active databases


skill catalogues of various sources

  • to understand their ability to service desired skills on demand and
  • to prioritise sources that can proactively pipeline desired skills


skill catalogue based availability of interview panel

  • with higher proficiency vis-a-vis the candidates

Automated Accurate Proposals

Help in quick automated re-scaling of talent acquisition capacities for managing dynamic business scenario

Option to enable self-service operating model for new age organisations’ hiring manager-led recruitment operations

Automated Accurate Proposals
Sourcing Multiplier

Sourcing Multiplier

Cross-pollinate live candidate stream across demands to multiply sourcing effect

Rediscovery from invested, existing, processed and ignored candidate database

Operational Governance

Adaptation of heterogenous business rules across geographies & businesses versus limitation of the homogenous ATS

Governance & savings in sourcing operations with quality-neutral low-cost channel prioritisation and source optimization

Operational Governance
Total Candidate Experience

Total Candidate Experience

Candidate opportunity multiplier with cross-pollination across current as well as future demands in real-time

GDPR-compliant, bias-free and post-consent blind proposals ensure an equal opportunity selection process

Finally, Unprecedented Operational Insights that Open Doors for Agile Recruiting

Real-time Monitoring

Irrespective of complexity of operations, quality based visibility in addition to quantitative reporting

Unlock Potential of Fulfilment

Identify opportunities to leverage full potential of candidate supply

Proactive Risk Mitigation

Predict skill gaps in current inventory with demand simulation for proactive sourcing

Context Adaptive Triggers

Trainable insights algorithms for situation or trend based call for action


75% Requisition Coverage (Day Zero)


45% Live Candidate Utilization


15% ATS & CRM 90-Day Database Utilization


Avg 7 Proposals per Qualified Candidate (60 Days)


60% Automated Proposal to Selection Ratio


30% Sourcing Cost Reduction

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