About Spire.AI

Spire.AI is a unique talent re-visioning solution suite powered by our artificial domain intelligence technology super-platform. The platform, that has evolved over 14 years, has been deployed with game changing outcomes in the re-visioning of an organisation’s talent strategy. It supports organisations in the areas of predictive workforce planning intelligence, proactive capability management, integrated talent supply chain management and agile talent acquisition.

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Spire.AI – The Talent Re-visioning Platform Powered by Artificial Domain Intelligence

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Lateral Technology Approach for Exponential Impact

Spire’s deep technology AI Platform has evolved over 12 years of iterative research, industry application & continuous feedback,

and is built on our unique pioneering concept of Domain Intelligence

that is antithetical to widely popular natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) based approaches

Domain Intelligence Based ‘Responsible AI'

Most AI focused talent systems use semantic NLP and Machine Learning technologies that learn from bias-prone data generated from historical talent operations & decisions and are therefore ethically irresponsible

Spire’s unique Domain Intelligence based AI approach is built on
strong principles of Responsible AI that are ethics focused and use unbiased technology application frameworks
that are particularly important to process unstructured data related to Talent

AI enthusiasts may reach out to learn more about Domain Intelligence and Responsible AI at platform@spire.ai

Key Constructs of Our Technology Help You Overcome Limitations of Other Talent Systems

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