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Spire.AI is a unique talent re-visioning solution suite powered by our artificial domain intelligence technology super-platform. The platform, that has evolved over 14 years, has been deployed with game changing outcomes in the re-visioning of an organisation’s talent strategy. It supports organisations in the areas of predictive workforce planning intelligence, proactive capability management, integrated talent supply chain management and agile talent acquisition.

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Spire.AI – The Talent Re-visioning Platform Powered by Artificial Domain Intelligence

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SpiroBot® - The Artificial
Domain Intelligence Platform
Powered by SkillSpace™
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Lateral Technology Approach for Exponential Impact

Spire’s deep technology AI Platform has evolved over 12 years of iterative research, industry application & continuous feedback,

and is built on our unique pioneering concept of Domain Intelligence

that is antithetical to widely popular natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) based approaches

Domain Intelligence Based ‘Responsible AI'

Most AI focused talent systems use semantic NLP and Machine Learning technologies that learn from bias-prone data generated from historical talent operations & decisions and are therefore ethically irresponsible

Spire’s unique Domain Intelligence based AI approach is built on
strong principles of Responsible AI that are ethics focused and use unbiased technology application frameworks
that are particularly important to process unstructured data related to Talent

AI enthusiasts may reach out to learn more about Domain Intelligence and Responsible AI at platform@spire.ai

Key Constructs of Our Technology Help You Overcome Limitations of Other Talent Systems

Cross Pollination Straight-line Processing
of Supply vis-a-vis Demand
Continuous Cross-
pollination of Supply
with All Demands
Spire iSourcing™ & Mining are unique search & match algorithmic approaches that categorises supply data into multiple active supply streams and cross-pollinates all existing employees, mobility eligible employees, live job applicants or dormant candidate profiles with all demands using a rules based processing logic based on specific talent operations use cases of our clients.
This ensures instant CCPA, OFCCP, GDPR & EEOC compliant visibility of qualified profiles which were otherwise unidentified by current systems and stuck in process-pipeline or become dormant in dead databases
of Supply
Talent organisations are stuck with straight line processing of limited supply pool due to archaic search & match technologies of their systems, whether legacy or modern, leading to high quality talent pool being lost in oblivion as they quickly become dormant in these systems
Dynamic Skill Cloud Quick Outdation of
Static Skill Framework
based Systems
Dynamic Domain
Intelligent Skill Cloud
based Framework
As a fundamental framework for entire talent operations landscape, Spire's domain intelligent dynamic skill cloud continuously auto-evolves to support design, implementation and sustained operations of any talent system like workforce planning, succession planning, capability management or talent supply chain operations in business-as-usual mode or planning new talent strategy without the botheration to re-calibrate the organisation's role & skill framework every time REQUEST DEMO A classic frustrating experience of talent managers is the unreliability of their static skill framework driven systems wherein any well designed talent operations fail to sustain any momentum because the skill framework gets outdated by the time its definition and implementation is complete and it is unable to catch up in today's rapidly evolving roles and skill landscape Static Skill Framework
vs. Auto-evolving
Skill Cloud
Supply Centricity Requisition based
Unidirectional Processing
of Talent
Leveraging Fungibility
of Talent Supply for
Fitment Decisions
Spire's Domain AI based match algorithms are designed to provide bi-directional mapping of supply and demands as a new way of maximising leverage of organisation's talent pool. Our unique technology enables talent organisations to always be aware of the full job-match potential of each profile and provides them with an opportunity to discuss multiple demand-fitment options with each employee or candidate as well as with hiring managers thereby ensuring maximum effectiveness of Talent in their new roles REQUEST DEMO The requisition centric talent systems only have unidirectional demand-supply tagging capability and hence do not provide visibility of multifaceted nature of supply profile fitment and cause loss of high skill fungible talent pool during talent identification exercises leading to significant opportunity losses for organisations Supply Centricity
vs. Demand
Unified Platform Generic and Point
Solutions Not Fit for
Unified Operating
Platform Across All
Talent Functions
The Spire technology and application platform have been built with a foundational understanding that enterprises are complex and have unique needs, unaddressed by current HR systems, when it comes to designing and implementing new talent operating models for functions like workforce planning, capability management and talent supply chain management.
The Spire platform also provides a unified operating interface to all talent stakeholders within an organisation, seamlessly integrates with existing HR systems & infrastructure and delivers to the bespoke scalability and compliance needs of all varieties of organisations.
REQUEST DEMO Integrated Talent
The large establishment HRM or HRIS systems are so generic in their implementation methodology that they do no justice to the needs of Talent organisations within an enterprise. Similarly, the new age specialised point solutions are so restrictive that they fail to appreciate the variability, complexity, scalability and compliance needs of talent operations across different kinds of organisations
Quality of Data Quality of Role Descriptions
& Limitations of Supply Data
Data Quality based
Automatic Tuning of
Domain Intelligent
The one-of-its-kind configuration and automatic tuning capability of Spire's domain intelligent search, match and Fit-Gap-Potential(R) algorithms deliver desired talent function outcomes despite any disparity in the quality or completeness of demand & supply data available across multiple base HR and project delivery systems in an organisation. Spire appreciates that our clients’ global data quality landscape is contextually tied to their business processes and provides for tuning of multiple configuration parameters ensuring best outcome for each process of the client. REQUEST DEMO A typical core concern of talent organisations is that other systems are unable to operate meaningfully to deliver desired outcomes due to the limited availability of good quality job or role descriptions as well as insufficient and/or aged data in employee & candidate profiles Operating with
Limited and
Ambiguous Data
Business Configs Limited and Rigid Rule
Configuration Capabilities
Aggregated Intelligence
Despite Simultaneous
Adoption of Different
Operating Logic
Spire applications have the ability to configure multiple varied business rules simultaneously to cater to the unique talent operating models of various geographies and verticals in large complex global organisations. Additionally, Spire provides aggregated analytics and intelligence dashboards to functional, business and global leaders with as much ease and transparency as it provides a unified operating interface to operational users, while seamlessly abstracting the complexity of business rule management from everyone REQUEST DEMO Business Context
based Operating
Talent organisations are tired today with the limitations and rigidity of business rule configuration capabilities of legacy as well as modern HR systems. These limitations significantly hinder the ability of implementing a unified operating model catering to unique business needs of geographies or verticals in large complex global organisations
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